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Thank you for helping us make a difference

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Thank you for helping us make a difference

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3Hopeful Hearts make it their mission to make sure every family in the surrounding northern Colorado area who have experienced the loss of a child has immediate support. They provide one of their team members to be with the family as soon as the loss has been made aware to them to sit and listen and be used in any capacity they are needed. This includes speaking with the family, hospital staff, police and medical examiners. As more and more families have become part of the heartbreaking world of child loss, they have added more and more support. They provide volunteers, mentors, memorial services for our children, retreats for mothers, fathers and siblings, and beautiful opportunities to honor our children. Each year a special Week of Hope and Remembrance is put together for all the families that have to live without their children.

"3Hopeful Hearts is an organization near and dear to my heart, and I know without a doubt I would not have survived the last two and a half years without their love and ongoing support. These men and women have made it a mission to ease a parent's suffering in any way they can in the moment they need it. I always say they gave me what I didn't know I needed at a time I needed it the most." Kelby's mom